About Us

Diana Email LargeDiana Gold Holland, Host
Diana Gold Holland has been a Canadian correspondent for Share International magazine since its inception in 1982, interviewing luminaries on the forefront of global change. An educator, editor and media specialist by trade, she has assisted several distinguished authors in the field of Spirituality. She has produced numerous articles on the Reappearance story and been invited to speak on the subject across Canada, in the US and in Europe.

Insatiably curious, Diana has studied and traveled extensively abroad and speaks several languages. Her passion: color. Her world view, in the words of the World Teacher, Maitreya: “a simpler life where no man lacks, where no two days are alike.” She has had several encounters with Maitreya and the Master Jesus.



Cielito Pascual, Host
Cielito Pascual’s background as a media producer includes feature film and documentary work. She played key production roles on the PBS Emmy-winning Charlie Rose and for acclaimed documentary producer Jennifer Fox. Her love for activism and film led to producing the award-winning independent comedy We Are the Hartmans, starring Richard Chamberlain. The movie earned a nod from the New York Times, which noted the film’s prescience in foreseeing the Occupy Movement, unfolding just as the film was released.

The pilot for Share International Radio was developed on BlogTalk Radio as Encounters with Maitreya, produced by Cielito. The podcast was a culmination of years of public outreach in tandem with Share International USA on the story of the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Cielito has shared the story on major television and radio broadcasts, at the United Nations and in public talks in Seattle and New York.


Frances Oman, Producer
Frances Oman is a writer and TV producer who has won numerous awards for her documentaries about miracles and the emergence of Maitreya. Her work has been seen on both PBS and the Discovery Channel. She is now making a documentary, Countdown to Now – Quantum Leap for Planet Earth. It documents the fulfillment of predictions made by Maitreya decades ago about our current crises and the grass roots solutions now in progress.



mynottnDavid E. Mynott II, Producer
David is an artist and environmentalist who’s been a student of esoteric science for nearly 35 years, and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, in particular, for over 14 years. He has lectured, written and presented on the subject of the Emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom, and the Space Brothers. David has practiced Transmission Meditation since 2001.

Now, for Share International Radio, he’ll serve as the group’s “roving reporter,” inviting people in the streets to share your views on these tremendous planetary changes.