The Return of the Christ, an Esoteric Perspective

This show explores the distinctions between the traditional Christian view of the Second Coming and modern esoteric information that points to the return of the Christ as an event unfolding rapidly today. Listen here.


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Title: The Return of the Christ, an Esoteric Perspective


Cielito: Welcome to our listeners around the world. My name is Cielito Pascual and I’m podcasting from Seattle, Washington and I want to thank my co-host Diana Gold-Holland for a wonderful show last week with our guest, Betsy Whitfill. If you missed that, it’s in our archives from January 17. Betsy shares some beautiful stories so make sure you check that out.

Today, we have as a guest and I’m very honored to have him our guest. He is an ordained Protestant minister who will describe the return of the Christ from an esoteric perspective and, on this program, for the last dozen or so shows, we have been talking about the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom. That is the same event that we would call the reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom because we are talking about a great Teacher, the Eldest Brother of humanity, Maitreya, the Christ and our guest is McNair Ezzard. Again, as I said, he’s an ordained minister, works in the non-profit field and he’s based in Asheville, North Carolina. Welcome, McNair!

McNair: Good afternoon. Thanks for having me on.

Cielito: Thanks for taking the time with us. Now, just to lay the groundwork here. When we’re talking from the esoteric perspective about the return of the Christ, this is an event that corresponds to the expectation of the Jews for the Messiah. It relates to the Buddhists and their anticipation for the return of Maitreya Buddha. The Hindus are expecting Krishna and the Muslims are awaiting the Imam Mahdi and many indigenous traditions are also expecting the return of a great teacher.

Let’s start with your personal experience of this story. You, as all of our guests prior to this show have been, are a student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and you have a Masters in Theology. Let our audience know—was there a defining moment for you? You had to have a shift in thinking when you came across this information about the reappearance of the Christ. Was there a defining moment when you said, “This is true. This is worth sharing and telling people about.”

McNair: Well, you know, I didn’t go from one viewpoint in terms of orthodox Christianity to the embracing of this particular information about the reappearance of the Christ but I suppose it was an inpoint in the progression of what I had read in a lot of other teachings and this information happened to come into my life and I can remember to the day when I read Benjamin Creme’s first book “The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom” and I read that book in a span of just a few days and I thought, “This really makes sense to me.”

You know, every now and again, you come across something in your life—a book, a talk or something that sticks in your mind or touches your heart in some way and that’s what happened in this particular situation. I subsequently shared some books with some friends. I was living in Denver, Colorado at the time and that was in the Christmas of 1980 and then the following summer, we went to hear Benjamin Creme give a talk in Anaheim, California so it was kind of a progression but not a very long progression before I totally embraced this information and felt the call to do something with the information.

Cielito: What do you with the information today? How do you share it with the public?

McNair: I work, like previous guests on your show do as well, I work as part of a group both locally and nationally and internationally in a group of volunteers who have taken upon ourselves to share this information on as wide a scale as possible and to make it known that the World Teacher, the Christ, for Christians, is in the world. We put on free presentations, public presentations. We do information booths, write articles and a lot of one-on- one communication with people we meet about this story.

Cielito: So, it’s even likely that our audience have come across you at a New Age expo or attended one of your thoughts. Certainly, there are thousands of people around the world doing the work that you’re doing and we’ll go into more detail of what this story is about. I just want to direct our listeners to two things: we’ve mentioned Benjamin Creme, if you want to look that up, the last name is spelled C-R- E-M- E and, if you want to find more information, go directly to the main website which is That’s S-H- A-R- E-

Before we get into your background, McNair, what is the purpose of…why should we be telling people? What’s the benefit of sharing this with other people? It’s an unusual body of information that like you said, and so many people have said on this program, that it makes so much sense. What made sense to you and what do you share first with people when you talk about this for the first time?

McNair: Well, what I share first is the necessity, on the part of the listener, to try and keep an open mind. This is, to many people, this is information that they’ve never heard before and it doesn’t really fit in with a lot of world views out there so I just ask, to whatever degree is possible, that people try to keep an open mind and not to accept the information, not to reject it, but just to let the information sit because those of us involved in this work feel like, as events unfold in the world, that this story will be proven true but if people totally reject it, it makes it more difficult for them to accept Maitreya when He comes forward and to make sense of the information.

Cielito: And certainly that’s the purpose of this podcast. We illuminate what’s happening in the world with the Christ, Maitreya, the Christ, His priorities for remaking our political structures and our economic structures that honor humanity, that honors humanity’s divinity as opposed to what is currently happening, as you well know, where we’re seeing greed and competition, the denial of human divinity, human expression, human life in so many areas. How did you come to study theology? Was that part of your sensibility from the time of childhood? Were there things that you observed in the world that put you in that direction?

McNair: Well, I grew up a Protestant Methodist in North Carolina. My parents were supportive, kind and generous people. They weren’t really conservative. They believed in the power of education and supported us in whatever we wanted to pursue in terms of education, that sort of thing. I wouldn’t say that there was anything in my childhood. I mean, I was a typical believer, if there is such a one, but I believed in Jesus when I was a child and found comfort in the Biblical teachings as I knew them to be at the time as they were presented to me. But it wasn’t until the time that I read a biography of Edgar Cayce back in the early Seventies, titled “There is a River” that got me interested in the spiritual life. I started meditating. I started reading more books by him and also branched out into other areas as like some Eastern teachings and it gradually dawned on me that I wanted my avocation to be my vocation.

Now, I didn’t know what that meant at the time but I knew that I was interested in spirituality and I wanted to find a way to make it my life’s work. All I knew to do at the time was that I needed to attend seminary. I’d never had a lifelong goal as a child to become an ordained minister. I subsequently became one during and after seminary but it wasn’t a lifelong dream. I couldn’t think of any other way to pursue my vocation and avocation together so I applied to seminary and that’s kind of how I got onto this path. I didn’t know what seminary would prepare me for. I just knew I needed to go.

Cielito: Just give us a context of what was going on in the world at the time. Having a spiritual calling, we assume that you were seeing things in the world that didn’t match what you perceived to be spiritual. What was going on at the time? McNair: Well, let’s see. It was the late 1970’s, early 1980’s when I was attending seminary. It wasn’t a time of great political upheaval. Jimmy Carter, I can’t remember exactly when he was president, but, for myself, when he was president, I felt a renewed sense of hope for the direction of America. Of course, that changed for me when Ronald Reagan took over and a more political bent was put on our political life but there wasn’t the upheaval, at least I didn’t sense it at the time, like we see now in the world.

Cielito: Well, we’ll continue after the break with McNair Ezzard and  we’ll talk about how you came across the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Stay with us. We’ll be back here right after the break.

Cielito: Welcome back. We are Share on the air radio. I’m Cielito Pascual talking with ordained minister McNair Ezzard. McNair, my next question for you: you read Benjamin Creme’s book “The Reappearance of The Christ.” That was a significant book. A lot of people read that book . That was usually their first entrée to this information. Let’s jump right in. What are the biggest differences between what Benjamin Creme says about Christ’s return and what is traditionally taught in Christian teachings?

McNair: Well, I’d say, for me, the biggest difference between Creme’s information and what I grew up learning about was with this new information that humanity has a part to play in the Christ’s return Humanity has a part to play in the unfolding of the divine Plan and that He and the Masters come to share with humanity. Now, in Christian teachings, there’s a plan of God but, you know, there’s no way to know it and it is pretty much tied up with you live a good life and, if you’re good enough, you die and you go to heaven and if you’re not, you go to the other place. That was the extent of the plan as I knew it. It wasn’t about the regeneration of the world, the saving of humanity from itself, you know, and the building of a brilliant world and golden civilization which, I understand, this new information has.

So, I would say that we have a part to play in the Plan and that there is a Plan and that another aspect of it is the Christ comes in love and not in vengeance. I mean, there’s a lot in traditional Christianity about the vengeance of God and that Christ comes to separate people and take the believers with Him, to take the believers to heaven with Him and that sort of thing. But the Christ, as we know, is not involved in this work. We know that He comes in love and that He’s here for all people, not just for Christians, not just for believers, but He’s here for everyone, non-believers alike and also, we’re not just doomed to hellfire and damnation if we make mistakes and if we don’t believe in Him when He comes before the world or if we don’t believe in Christian teachings, there’s still a path for people in other religions or no religions.

And, another aspect in the difference, to me, in traditional Christian teaching has been when Jesus ascended after the resurrection and He was sitting on the right hand of God and we’ve always seen Him as separate from humanity but, according to this information, He’s never left us. He’s been with humanity all this time and working from behind the scenes and that, to me, is a very inspirational thought and that He depends on us for the success of His mission and that we have a part in play in that mission to make it a success over the next number of years, the next two thousand years.

And the final thing I would say is that He doesn’t come alone. He comes with His group, that advanced group of His disciples, the Masters of Wisdom Who will be with us for the next two thousand years and, in traditional Christian teachings, pretty much, Jesus was coming back and He was going to do it Himself and do the teachings Himself and that was it. So, to me, the new presentation, Benjamin Creme’s presentation, the Ageless Wisdom, whatever you want to call it, is more broad in scope, more encompassing and more caring and more loving, more realistic to me.

Cielito: Talk about the term Christ because in the esoteric understanding, it’s a very different definition than the Christian definition of Christ.

McNair: Well, the Christ is not really—and this is hard for a lot of traditional Christian-thinking people to accept– is that the Christ is really an office. It’s not the name of a person. We’ve associated it as a name-Jesus Christ- Jesus was His first name and Christ was His last name but the Christ is really the name of an office. Well, an office of what? Well, that group of advanced individuals Who have gone ahead of us on the evolutionary path and no longer have to stay on planet Earth or come to planet Earth unless They choose to. Fortunately, for us, They do.

A group of Them has chosen to stay with humanity but that group of individuals is organized in terms of Their point of evolution. Now, the highest evolution of that group is the Office of the Christ. He’s the head of that advanced group of individuals, the Masters of Wisdom and like, for instance, the head of our government of the United States, is the office of the president and it’s held for four or eight years by a Republican or a Democrat and, after that term is up, a new person enters into the office of the President. Well, it’s the same with the Spiritual Hierarchy. For the last two thousand years, the person, the individual holding that office, has been the Lord Maitreya and He will be holding the Office of the Christ, also known as the World Teacher, for the next two thousand five hundred years. The Masters of Wisdom look up to Him as Their Teacher, Their Guru, if you will, although He doesn’t see Himself as separate from anybody, but as a teacher, a co-worker, a guide for the Masters and for all humanity.

Cielito: I want to quote from one of Maitreya’s Messages. If our audience goes to, you will a series of Messages from Maitreya, the Christ. In Message # 10, He says, “Those who look for me in terms of my beloved disciple, the Master Jesus, will find His qualities in me. Those who look for me as a teacher are nearer the mark for that is what I am.” Kind of threw in some new folds in the story here because the Christ mentions the Master Jesus and, in traditional Christian understanding Jesus, Jesus Christ-it’s one person.

McNair: Yes, and that’s what’s so fantastic about the story is not only He the holder of the Christ here, Maitreya, but also one of His most advanced disciples, the Master Jesus. Now, traditionally, Christians think that Jesus is the one and only Son of God but He isn’t. According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, Jesus is the Son of God but you and I are sons and daughters of God. The only difference between Jesus and Maitreya is that They have perfected Themselves, learned everything there is to learn on this schoolhouse earth and no longer have to come here to reincarnate on earth but do so out of choice. Not only is Maitreya here but the Master Jesus is also in the world so we’re told that there will be individuals in Christianity who will relate to Jesus still and will not necessarily relate to the World Teacher or the Christ in the terms that we’re speaking. And that’s fine. They really don’t care Who They relate to. What They’re concerned about is if we implement the Teachings, that we demonstrate our divinity, that we work to save the planet and save ourselves.

Cielito: And just to be more specific- implementing the Teachings is about implementing the principle of sharing in the world such as we abolish all hunger, that every man, woman and child has access to health care, has safe shelter, access to proper food and education. And in those ways, that is fulfilling the Plan or Maitreya’s mission which is one and the same– the great Plan for humanity.

McNair: And it’s such a simple teaching– sharing. Jesus talked about. When people asked Him, “What shall we do with these people?’ and He said that if you have two coats, then give one to someone who needs it. I’m simplifying but He was talking about sharing. If we don’t learn to share, we’re doomed. There is no hope for humanity because without sharing, we’re never going to have justice and there’s so much injustice in the world and, through the process of sharing, we can reestablish justice in the world and if we don’t have justice, we’re never going to have peace. So, it’s really the first step in creating a peaceful civilization.

Cielito: And the way you describe this event, McNair, really is about each one of us and all of us collectively redefining how we participate in the world, that the well-being of humanity depends on each of us being involved in a little more than just in our personal lives especially now and I think that many, many people are responding to that fence of stepping forward of making a difference. I want to get our next topic kind of rolling here but we’ll be coming close to a break, too. I think the first thing that people hesitate about is, when we talk about Masters, we’re talking about Them being advanced and I wonder if you would like to talk a little bit more about reincarnation and what that means to be a Master exactly.

McNair: Well, and this is one of the first things I found out about through the Edgar Cayce teachings, was the fact of reincarnation and it made so much sense to me. It brought these loose threads in the traditional Christian teaching that I could never put together and then when I found out about reincarnation, I said, “Wow! This really makes sense!” And reincarnation, all of us, you and me and everyone on this planet, whether we realize it or not, are on an evolutionary journey. From the time of early animal-man up to where we are now, we have incarnated over and over again, many thousands of times, gradually manifesting more of that innate divinity that we’re all created with originally and, as we come to the end of the evolutionary path, we step onto the initiatory path. Sounds like you have a break coming up.

Cielito: Yes, we do. Hold that thought. We will be back. If you’re on Facebook, message us on Share on the air radio and the question will be forwarded to me. Share on the air radio on Facebook. We’ll be back!

Cielito: We’re continuing our conversation on reincarnation as an aspect of the story of the reappearance of the Christ with McNair Ezzard. So, you were saying, McNair, each one of us is on a path of evolution, a journey of evolution.

McNair: Well, yes, I was. Each of us, we start out with a pretty low level of consciousness in us and as we reincarnate over and over again, we grow more conscious, more aware, we learn how to create good karma which is tied up with the Law of Reincarnation and we gradually become perfect. Now, once we have manifested our total divinity within and have learned everything we have to learn, we don’t have to come back and reincarnate on planet Earth anymore.

Cielito: Let me illustrate what perfect looks like, if I may. I like to explain it this way. That we become completely harmless in thought, harmless in word and harmless in action. It seems unbelievable that we can get to that point but we eventually will.

McNair: And that’s the quality of the World Teacher Maitreya, the Christ, the Master Jesus and the other Masters Who are in the world. That’s the quality that we will see from Them as total harmlessness and total love and that’s what the goal is for us. The only difference, as I may have said earlier, between these Masters and the Christ and us is that They have perfected Themselves and we are still in the process of doing that. But we need the broad sense of reincarnation to give us the opportunity to progress and to perfect ourselves to make up for our transgressions and so forth.

Cielito: And the Masters have experienced every nuance of emotion, of joy, of sorrow that we have experienced and gone through everything that a human being can experience, the Masters of Wisdom have experienced it as well. So, to think that They may be coming back to judge us or to lecture us in any way—that’s not what They’re here to do. It’s Their demonstration of Their divinity that will inspire in us our divinity and that’s what I think the primary reason we have these great Teachers emerging on the world stage and I want to touch on an idea we hear in New Age circles – the idea of Christ consciousness. But They are emerging onto the world stage to invoke in us our own divine gifts to remake the world. It’s an extraordinary process and it makes so much sense.

McNair: Yes, and I’ve heard it quite a bit, ”Well, we don’t need Masters of Wisdom in the world. We don’t need the Christ to return or the Master Jesus. The birth of the Christ consciousness isn’t being manifested in people today.” Well, it is being manifested but we’re in a very crisis situation and if the Christ consciousness had manifested fully in us, why are we destroying the environment? Why are we still killing each other in war? Why are there millions of people starving? Who are living without access to clean water? Sometimes, we just need help and inspiration to show us how to manifest and put into practice that Christ consciousness which many of us are becoming more aware of. We just need that extra push sometimes and we have it now when we need it.

Cielito: We absolutely need it. The world is in peril and it doesn’t serve any purpose to deny that, which is what I love about this information as well. It’s very realistic. It doesn’t separate me from what’s going on in the world. In fact, I’m looking at Message #10 again. Maitreya, the Christ says, “Nothing separates you from Me and soon many will realize this. I am with you and in you. I seek to express that which I am through you. For this, I come. ” Beautiful. I’m just going to say that again: ”I am with you and in you. I seek to express what which I am through you. For this, I come.” And He also says, “Be ready to see Me soon. Be ready to hear My words, to follow My thoughts, to heed My plea.” And I think Maitreya, in this Message, Maitreya, the Christ, is also realistic and encouraging as well about what’s happening in the world. Do you think there are Christian denominations already aligned with Maitreya’s Teachings or beginning to speak along the lines? Many are doing great service around the world.

McNair: I would say that there are people within every denomination and some are more aligned with Maitreya’s Teachings and some are not. The more open-minded and progressive folks, I would say, are probably, speaking generally, more aligned and the more conservative and backward- thinking people will have more difficulty. But speaking generally, you know, the teachings about the love of God. You know, if they have these teachings at their core, the service to one another, about sharing, about being involved in the world, about self-sacrifice on behalf of others, of detachment, taking care of God’s creation, the earth. These are in alignment with the Teachings of the Christ as He comes in the twenty-first century.

Cielito: And I know many atheists who are aligned with Maitreya’s Teachings, albeit consciously, but certainly, they are working very hard to bring about change in the world.

McNair: You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual . A spiritual life can be lived in any every human endeavor and it can be lived whether you’re religious or not.

Cielito: Absolutely. Let’s talk about belief. Belief versus faith. That comes up a lot in my conversations with people. Where do you think that fits in here. We say, “Don’t believe what we say. Have an open mind.” Are there any other distinctions you’d like to make around that?

McNair: Well, belief, to me, has to do with our conditioning. You know, from the time we’re born, we start being conditioned by those close to us in terms of what we think and what we believe and later on, when we grow up, we get conditioned by our church or temple or mosque and we get conditioned by our educational system, our college, our friends and so on. Belief has to do with the thought processes of the mind but with belief, belief can change. You know, you may believe something when you’re fifteen years old that, later on, when you’re thirty years old, experience has shown you is not true or you no longer choose to believe it. Experience is something else and inner experience is something else. Experience can back up your belief, can reinforce it, tell you that your belief is true but just because you believe something doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s necessarily true. Belief is just a concept, part of the thought process that goes on in our heads but they’re not necessarily real. There’s a book that I read by Benjamin Creme recommended years ago and I think he mentions it in his first book, a book by McDonald Bain called “Beyond the Himalayas” and the sequel to that, “The Yoga of the Christ” and his teachers, in that book, said that what we believe is not necessarily true . It’s just a thought process, part of the thought process. What we realize to be true comes from our own inner experience of something because when you have an inner experience like the experience of the reappearance the Christ. From this information , no matter what somebody says to you, you know it’s true because your involvement and your experience told you that it is true and Creme has said many times,”There’s no gain-saying map.”

Cielito: And to just merely believe something because some authority says so or because there’s emotions attached to it, I know, from my experience, one runs the risk of, how shall I put it? The emotions will dissipate so there’s a constant having to maintain. “I have to look like a good Christian so I have to do certain things” is one way of believing but knowing something as an inner truth doesn’t require presenting something as an image of being a believer. I’m realizing that is, I’m just talking. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

McNair: Well, just because a person might believe something doesn’t mean it’s true. We’re all taught, those of us in Christianity or in whatever religion it might be, we’re all taught certain basic tenets and doctrines and stuff but it doesn’t mean true. They are the result of somebody else’s experience and thinking process and we either take it upon ourselves and adhere to it or we don’t. But it’s our inner experience that tells us that something is true or not.

Cielito: And I will share that when I first heard this information, it made so much sense to me and I was so excited and I shared it with people close to me and they looked at me and said, “How do you know this isn’t a cult?” and their reaction was so stinging that I had to pause and think , “Well, how do I know this isn’t a cult?” and I came to the conclusion that I would just pretend that it was true and see how it shows up in my life and I figured that if it wasn’t true, if it wasn’t real, if it was just someone’s idea for self-promotion, it would fall away from my life and that was, gosh, twenty-eight years ago and it is an inner knowing. Anyone can say anything against this and I know my own experience and I don’t need for people to believe what I say but there are people fencing that something is up in the world and when they hear this; they’re so appreciative and they want to know more and they’re asking more questions and that is what is gratifying about sharing this information.

McNair: This, to me, is not a cult because one reason is that free will is never infringed. People have the choice of believing or not believing, being active in it or not active in it but it’s all based on free will.

Cielito: That’s a beautiful law of life. We will continue in our last segment. Our last segment continues with the esoteric perspective of the return of the Christ.

Cielito: I’m thinking about what we would like to share in the last segment. I want to make sure we let our listeners know how they can play a part in the emergence of Maitreya, the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom. I’d also like to…if there is anyone listening right now who is hearing this information for the first time and has had a profound experience that you think might be connected to this, feel free to send us an email at info at shareontheairradio dot org. If you have any questions, if you’re shy about posting to Facebook, send us an email at info at shareontheairradio dot org because many, many people have experienced the Christ or experienced the Master Jesus whether they’re aware of this information. Maitreya has made countless appearances to large groups of not just Christians but has appeared to large groups of Muslims and Buddhists and Jews and the only event we have recorded of one of these appearances was recorded by CNN and the Kenya Times where Maitreya appeared before five thousand Christians in Nairobi and there were spontaneous healings that occurred.The event lasted all of twenty minutes and this was written up and witnessed by the editor of the Kenya Times and we have that information on Hopefully, we’ll be able to post that on our Facebook page because that is not just a single event. That happened many times and perhaps we have someone in the audience who might have been at one of those meetings, so drop us a line if you are willing to share your story.

Mcnair, we hear about, one of the major magazines in the U.S. did a poll and discovered that forty percent of Americans believe in miracles and angels. Let’s talk about that and how Maitreya has been appearing and demonstrating His presence in the world through miracles. McNair: Well, it’s quite, you know, I believe that during Jesus’ time that miracles happened and it’s not unusual for miracles and other unusual occurrences to surround the coming of a great spiritual teacher into the world and this particular time, I mean not everybody needs miracles to believe but when miracles do happen, they can serve to uphold the faithful. They are a sign that something is extraordinary is going on in the world and indeed, over the last twenty, twenty-five years, there’s been a whole host of different miracles for religious people, for non- religious people, for Christians, for Hindus and so on happening, all of the result of Maitreya and some of the Masters taking action to create these miracles in the world.

Cielito: My favorite story is the story of the vanishing hitchhiker. There are very beautiful, positive stories and then there’s urban stories that are a bit darker. Those stories I don’t quite believe but the vanishing hitchhiker—perhaps some of our audience may know that story or may have had an actual experience– where a driver is going along the highway and sees a hitchhiker, feels an impulse to pull over where ordinarily they wouldn’t perhaps and offers a ride to the hitchhiker. The person gets into the back seat and they’re in a normal conversation and then suddenly the passenger says,” Did you know the Christ is in the world?” and the driver’s a little startled, looks in the rearview mirror and the hitchhiker has vanished and a lot of state patrol people, I think out in the south and on Long Island in New York state, reported that because the state patrol would see a car pulled over and they’d pull over to make sure the driver was OK and they’d hear this extraordinary story.

McNair: It’s a fantastic story. I mean this happened not only in America but I believe in New Zealand and Australia so it’s a world-wide phenomenon.

Cielito: All over the world. In fact, when I was living in New York City, I actually placed an ad back when there was no Facebook, no Internet. I put a short ad in the back of the paper, you know, your free paper, you look at the classified ads on the back page, asked for stories of experiences of a friendly stranger telling a story and seemingly vanishing and in New York City, I know a lot of people, probably a lot of people have had that experience but haven’t shared that story with anyone of meeting, usually a homeless person with luminous eyes, a loving countenance, who gives a brief, just says something very briefly which usually startles the person. They keep walking and then they look back and the homeless person has apparently vanished, much faster than just walking away. So, if any of our listeners have an experience of an unusual, loving, unique stranger that you cannot forget and you remember forever, do send us an email at info at  shareontheairradio dot org. Why don’t we wrap up this segment and talk a bit about Transmission Meditation which you do and you are in the Transmission Meditation group with my prior guest Ira Palmer who shared some great stories on January 3 rd . Talk about Transmission Meditation and how that is a way to participate in the emergence of Maitreya, the Christ.

McNair: Well, Transmission Meditation was initiated by Benjamin Creme’s Master as Creme has gone around the world talking about the return of the World Teacher, the Christ. His Master has also given to the world this fantastic form of group service called Transmission Meditation and I should say that you don’t need any experience meditating. There’s no dues, there’s no membership but for those of us who are called to serve, who want to serve someway, this is an easy way to serve. Now, it’s not easy to sit and meditate for very long but the more you do it, the more you can meditate. But it’s based on the idea that the Masters are always sending Their energy out to humanity and when They have these groups available to Them, they send Their energy through these groups and, through this process, the energy is stepped down and made more accessible for people who are working for the welfare and the benefit of humanity. Now, the groups don’t send it any particular place in the world but the Masters transform it. The energy gets transformed and the Masters send it out into the world where it’s needed. All the participants are called to do is to come together at a certain time, two or three times a week, even one time a week and say the Great Invocation which invokes the energy from the Masters and then we sit silently with the attention focused on the ajna center between the eyebrows and you are participating in the Transmission Meditation. It’s not a guided meditation. It’s not a meditation where one gets messages and there is no music playing but just by simply sitting there and staying aligned, holding the focus high at the ajna center, you participate in the transmission and become a beneficiary in a way by these tremendous energies that are flowing through you and the group. Now, it’s not done in conflict with anybody’s personal meditation or service activity or religious teaching. In fact, it can only enhance whatever meditation you do or any kind of service activity you are already involved in. It’s more like an adjunct to your other spiritual work and it’s a fantastic means for spiritual growth although that’s not the primary purpose of it. You do achieve spiritual growth by participating in it and a lot of spiritual growth but its primary purpose is to serve, to make yourself available to serve, to work and to be a mechanism through which this energy can reach humanity from the Masters.

Cielito: And I’ll encourage our audience to visit where you can view a video and find a group that meets near you. In our last minute, we’re always down to the last minute, talk about the Day of Declaration. Would you like to say a few words on that to wrap up?

McNair: Well, I would. And I just say to keep your eyes and your ears open because this is a day unlike any day in human history. We will be alerted to it beforehand and it’s a day when the Christ will be invited to come before the whole world on the linked television networks of the world and we will see Him on television. Now, the fantastic thing about that day is that tremendous miracles will happen. He will embrace all of humanity with His love and that will be really, in earnest, our work for Maitreya and the Masters to change the world; when He openly declares Himself for the world on the Day of Declaration. Cielito: McNair, thank you so much for taking the time with us. Please visit us on shareontheairradio North America on Facebook. Share your thoughts and tune in next week. We’ll talk about Jesus as a refugee…


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