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Historic World Events & the Startling Predictions of Maitreya

Cielito Pascual interviewed Marc Gregory who spoke of a period in the late 80s when the World Teacher Maitreya released forecasts and analyses of world events, anticipating some of humanity’s most unexpected and monumental turns of history in modern times. Listen to the podcast to learn how those forecasts continue to unfold. Listen here.

SHARE ON THE AIR RADIO  #31 May 22, 2016

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Title: Historic World Events & the Startling Predictions of Maitreya

Host: CIELITO PASCUAL   Guest: Marc Gregory

Cielito: Welcome to Share on the air radio. We are on the air now, live, thanks to OMTimes Radio and I just want to connect with our technical people. I did hear the theme song finish there so we’re on because I say we’re on. I’m Cielito Pascual. I’m podcasting from Seattle, Washington and I’m very glad to have all our regular listeners tuning in and I’m welcoming all our new listeners to this show that presents thought-provoking views behind the news.

This is show #31. We have many shows behind us. We’ve spoken to as many people with different perspectives about an extraordinary event unfolding today and that event is the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and His group, the Masters of Wisdom. If you want to hear more details about this story with a lot of depth of its background, listen to our first two episodes which give wonderful information and provide wonderful insights to this entire story but, suffice it to say- and those episodes are October 11 and October 18, 2015 and you can find them in OMTIMES archives under Share on the air radio.

We present the story of the emergence every week, presenting a different angle on the story and what we focus on are three points: 1. That humanity has never, ever been alone. 2. That humanity has help of an extraordinary kind and has always had help available and 3. The solution to the world’s gravest, gravest challenges that we as humanity face, those solutions are within our grasp thanks again to the emergence of Maitreya into full, public life with the Masters of Wisdom.

So, the angle that we’re looking at, the perspective we’re looking at today for this event, is from an extraordinary period of time from about 1988 to 1993. We’re going to look at historical world events and the startling predictions of Maitreya and how the forecasts of Maitreya continue to unfold today and my guest, I’m very pleased to introduce to you, our audience, today is Marc Gregory. He’s a musician and an English teacher living in the Bay area who has seen a lot, been to many places, met many people and correlates what he sees in the outer world with his understanding of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and this event unfolding today, bringing the spiritual kingdom to the human kingdom and vice versa in the emergence of Maitreya. Welcome, Marc! Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today.

Marc: Thank you, Cielito, for that very kind introduction which I hope I can live up to. We’ll do what we can do.

Cielito: I have absolute faith in you, Marc. You will absolutely share information that is going to intrigue our audience and have them curious for more. So, let’s jump right in to the story of forecasts. Just to let our audience know the lay of the land of the show, tell us the major world events that you’re going to speak on related to the series of forecasts from Maitreya.

Marc: Sure. Well, in the late Eighties, Maitreya, under the aegis of Share-International magazine, and an associate of His made some absolutely startling predictions and forecasts about events that were to happen and would have an extraordinarily positive effect on the world at large and of interest, is the fact that almost all of these forecasts have come true. When I say “almost”, I mean some are still in the process of coming true so it’s not as if He missed the mark, so to speak; it’s just that certain things take longer to play out and become manifest than others. During that time, and I’d like to preface it with this, if I may– it’s one thing to look back at history and say, “Oh, yeah. That happened. That was great.” It’s quite another thing to be there, in the moment, and watch something extraordinary unfold because when you’re back there, in the moment, you then can have a feel of how extraordinary it was. Because of my age, I’m sixty, I happen to be able to say I was there and so, I understand how people’s minds were set at that time and I understand, also, how unbelievably stunning and hope-inspiring these forecasts were and the fact that they came true.

Cielito: And I was there as well because I’m not that much younger than you and it was an extraordinary time and, for the younger people in our audience who weren’t plugged into the news at the time, it was extraordinary to read these forecasts which flew in the face of logic, really, prevailing logic I must say, and I can remember a number of those forecasts and so, this is a fun show for me because it reminds me of where my head was back then and how I was regarding this whole event of Maitreya and the Masters and reading what was happening in the news, so I’m really glad that you and I are both still paying attention in the way that we are. So– tell us about the events that you’ll cover and then, we’ll go into more depth with each of the events.

Marc: Certainly. Well, perhaps the most spectacular was the release from prison and the subsequent path that was taken by Nelson Mandela after being imprisoned by the apartheid system of South Africa for twenty-seven years. No one would have foreseen that he was about to be released and, far more than that, no one would have ever believed that he would eventually become the president of South Africa. If you had said to anyone, in 1984-1985, that Mandela will be released and, within ten years, he will be president of South Africa, people would have looked at you and said, “You’re crazy” but that indeed, is what happened. In September of 1988, Maitreya predicted, and it was published then in Share-International magazine, that Mandela indeed would be released from prison, that there had been a rapprochement between black and white leaders in South Africa and that his release was imminent. In fact, on February 11, 1990, Mandela was indeed released. And then, once again, as we all know, he went on to become the elected president of South Africa. So, that one was absolutely stunning.

Another, and I’ll just touch upon these lightly and we can get into them in more detail, another was the downfall of Margaret Thatcher in England. Also, in September, 1988 when Thatcher was at or near the peak of her popularity, Maitreya said that she would soon retire, that things would reverse for her and, as a result of her own actions, she would be forced to leave office and indeed, when she tried to implement a poll tax, which is unfair, which is,  ssentially, a tax on voting in England, the idea proved to be so unpopular that, in 1988, Maitreya said that she would resign. So, in September of ’88, Maitreya said she would resign but, at that point, she was still hugely popular in England, but by November of 1990, which was when she resigned, extraordinarily, she found that her career in politics was over. This as well, was not expected. Margaret Thatcher was a very popular and powerful leader throughout the Eighties and no one would have expected that in 1988, when these predictions were made, her political life would end so abruptly and that her popularity would take such a downturn. So, those are just two rather exceptional situations that were forecast by Maitreya, published in Share-International that came about.

Cielito: And I’ll just jump in right here to say that Share-International magazine is in print form and in online form and you can visit that at Share-International.org and this podcast is inspired by Share-International and pretty much all of our information comes from Share-International and its chief editor, Mr. Benjamin Creme who has published a dozen and a half books on the topic on the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom. So, do visit the site, Share-International.org. It is rich with information. And we never mention this so I’ll do this now before the break. We have excerpts from Benjamin Creme’s lectures on Youtube and so, you can search Share-International, Benjamin Crème on Youtube. They are lectures from Osaka, Japan and New York City on various topics. It’s a fascinating way to learn more about this information. We’ll be right back with Marc Gregory on the startling forecasts of Maitreya after the break.


Cielito: We’re back on Share on the air radio with Marc Gregory talking about the startling predictions of Maitreya, and we’ll let that music just kind of run out and get back to our topic. So, Marc, you were just referring to the different events that we’ll be talking about on this show as well as some other events that took place in the world that Maitreya anticipated, that we would have never expected.

Marc: Right and just reiterating, once again, to try to emphasize just how extraordinary these forecasts were and the fact that they came true, you really have to go back and put yourself in the mindset of the mid to late 1980’s and remember how people were thinking then. It was actually a long time ago. The world has changed a great deal since then but Maitreya had also predicted that the two Germanys would be reunited; that, symbolically, it would present to the world, a model of, hopefully, the appropriate marriage of western-style democracy and eastern-style socialism so that was one of the first times that that came about. Maitreya made that prediction in April, 1990 and Germany re-unified in October of 1990. Now, that reunification has not been without its bumps in the road but nothing on this planet usually goes that way and, in part, something that I wanted to bring up is that Maitreya is able, from His incredibly exalted advantage point, to read motion, to read movements of energy, to read tendencies. He can see the way the human race thinks en masse and He can make predictions and do this and He is extraordinarily accurate but we affect the world in a way that we are not completely aware of. I mean, en masse, human behavior, human thinking has an extraordinary effect on the world so even someone like Maitreya can make a forecast but things can change based on human activity, based on what human beings bring about by themselves. So, it’s not a parlor trick. It’s not some kind of silly, low-level psychism. It’s reading the monumental currents of energy from a vantage point of where He can speak from and then issuing forth these forecasts.

Cielito: And this, essentially, is what we’re looking at and understanding the Laws of Life, the Laws of Cause and Effect so it’s very fascinating. As you say, it’s not about divine fiat. It’s not sealing our fate with certain events and we’ll get into more understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect. Are there other events that you want to touch on?

Marc: Sure. Very quickly, because they’re kind of fun to go back and visit it. In the summer of 1989, when the first President Bush was rather popular and, subsequent to the first Gulf War which made the first President Bush extremely popular and moved his approval ratings to almost unprecedented highs, Maitreya said that, in fact, President Bush #1, his days were numbered; that the next president of the United States would be a Democrat. Maitreya made that prediction and it was published in January-February of 1991 when Mr. Bush was riding a very high crest and a very high wave of popularity but, as we know, in November of 1992, Bill Clinton was rather resoundingly elected as President and George Bush Sr., became a one term president. And an interesting one might be the descent from power of Mr. Gorbachev in Russia. I’ll just take a moment with this. Although he’s viewed with mixed feelings in Russia, Mr. Gorbachev is viewed as a hero to many of us in the western world because of the changes in life that he helped facilitate. I, for one, grew up in the Cold War period and I remember, prior to Mr. Gorbachev’s arrival on the scene, the tension, the competitiveness, the threat, the massive violence, the constant conflict between the eastern bloc and the western powers…

Cielito: And the shadow of a potential nuclear war as well, looming overhead. I remember that.

Marc: Exactly. And if you came of age at that time and you just sort of thought that, if we were very lucky, the world would not blow itself up but I rather assumed that that would be the story of my entire life—that there would be these two armed camps, as Mr. Creme once said, with these huge arsenals pointed at each other. All of a sudden and not without the influence of Maitreya, along comes Mr. Gorbachev and provides a whole new openness, provides, brings a sort of warm-hearted contrast to the behavior of all of his predecessors to bear and the world responded to this in an extraordinary fashion because he, himself, had been so inspired to try to alleviate this monumental tension between east and west.

Maitreya said that even though his changes were right, Mr. Gorbachev tried to implement them too soon, that it wouldn’t work in Russia and, indeed, it did not. In January-February of 1990, Maitreya said Gorbachev didn’t anticipate the effect of his policies and they were, perhaps, happening too fast and that he would be eventually replaced and very soon. That was in 1990 and Gorbachev was gone on Christmas Day in 1991 so there, again, you have a lead time of over a year or at least a year where Maitreya, or at least, His forecasts, although completely unexpected, came true.

Cielito: And some of these forecasts came as much as two years in advance and so much can happen in two years in any direction when it comes to world events. Are there anymore and then we’ll go into depth on a couple of these events because I don’t know if you want to go in this direction but and I know that Maitreya appeared to Gorbachev and appeared to Nelson Mandela?

Marc: Right. Exactly.

Cielito: But are there any other events that you want to touch on?

Marc: Well, He made many predictions. He made many forecasts on various subjects and, if you go back in the Share-International magazines from that time, listeners who are interested can find that information. We’ve covered four major ones and so, maybe we should move into something else.

Cielito: So, again, for our listeners, that’s Share-International.org and there is a summary of these forecasts online. You can do a search of the website and find them easily enough. I remember everything around Nelson Mandela prior to his release from prison. I was plugged into that news quite a bit; I’ve seen the footage of the protests in South Africa. The news was coming out that Nelson Mandela had been diagnosed—I don’t remember what physical ailment he had, but it was fully expected that he would die in prison and I remember statements where South African leadership would say, “If we release Nelson Mandela…” because there was a huge cry, an international cry to release him. If our listeners recall, musicians and bands were boycotting performances in South Africa. There were songs on the radio protesting what was happening in South Africa. There was an economic boycott of South Africa, calls for universities and such to divest from investment in South Africa. So, it was a major, major movement and a tremendous amount of public attention and yet, it was just a real hopeful dream, a dream that Nelson Mandela would be released. Do you want to talk about how Maitreya appeared to Nelson Mandela?

Marc: Well, I’m not sure I have the entire story straight but Maitreya suggested to Nelson Mandela that he write a letter to [then South African President F. W.] de Klerk.

Cielito: Well, He appeared to him, literally, in his jail cell on Robbins Island.

Marc: Right.

Cielito: And, the story is that Nelson Mandela recognized Him immediately as the Christ.

Marc: Right and so He suggested to Mandela to write a letter to Mr. de Klerk pointing out certain things: that apartheid must end, that it does no good for you to keep me in prison and Mandela was rather humorous in his response. He, initially, was skeptical and said that that would never happen and that it was pointless to write de Klerk a letter and Maitreya said, “Just try it.”

Cielito: And Mandela couldn’t even, apparently, said that he couldn’t even get an appointment with the warden of the prison so to send a letter to de Klerk and request a meeting, even, for him,was extremely far-fetched.

Marc: Exactly and especially since he had been in prison for twenty-seven years. So, he did take Maitreya’s suggestion. He wrote de Klerk the letter and, lo and behold, de Klerk was not only responsive to the letter but the process was started and Mandela was eventually freed.

Cielito: And it was, apparently, a very secretive, initial process because, of course, because if anything leaked out to the public , it could be extremely detrimental to the related parties involved and I remember the footage on the news, watching Nelson Mandela stepping out, Iguess it was on the tarmac at the airport, with Winnie Mandela, his wife, by his side and I was in New York at the time and, days later, you know, a week later with Nelson Mandela’s motorcade was gliding down Fulton Avenue in Brooklyn—a beautiful, beautiful time, and to know that this was part of my of Maitreya’s information. It was really heartening. We’ll be back with Marc Gregory speaking on the forecasts.


Cielito: We’re back on Share on the air radio. I want to promote next week’s show hosted by my friend and colleague Diana Gold-Holland on the topic of Unity in Adversity and she’ll be speaking about the Canadian wildfires happening in Fort McMurray, Alberta, an extraordinary disaster that has galvanized many, many, many people, coast to coast, and they’re taking action implementing many of Maitreya’s priorities on sharing and, apparently, just to give a scope of that fire, it’s larger than the state of Rhode Island and twice the size of the country of Luxembourg and ninety thousand people were evacuated virtually overnight. So, Diana will be talking about that event and how people have been coming together in extraordinary ways. You’ll want to listen to that show, next Sunday, 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM, Eastern. And now, we’re on with Marc Gregory, talking about the forecasts of Maitreya and, before I go any further, Marc, let’s talk more about what you think the purpose was in releasing these forecasts. Again, they were published in Share-International magazine between 1988 and 1994 and Share-International tracked events in the world and correlated them with these forecasts. But what really was the purposein knowing these things?

Marc: I think that one of the primary purposes was to indicate to humanity, the Law of Cause and Effect; that there are profound ramifications for our actions and to illustrate to us how those Laws can play out for good or for ill; that everything that we do has its reverberation and every cause that’s set into motion will, eventually, bring about a certain effect. One of the key things, I think, to put it very simply, is how we can live in harmony, how we can share and we can act like the one human family that we are and, if I put it very simply, obey the laws of God and we will flourish and thrive and to the extent that we turn our backs on this role, to the extent of which we continue to indulge in the old, competitive, largely capitalistic, largely greed-based and consumption-based ways, it is to that extent which we will suffer and, you know, the entire issue with respect to cooperating as opposed to continuing to compete, that whole issue could not be more starkly presented before us right now, especially with global warming, with the economic discrepancies that exist in the world.

Humanity, really, has a big choice to make and that is central to everything that Maitreya has said going back thirty years. We have a choice to make: we can either learn to live as brothers and sisters in peace and harmony, take care of our planet the way we know we should or we can suffer the consequences of turning our back on the Divine Will and the Divine Plan.

Cielito : And, in short, being responsible for what we do. Another way I like to think of God’s Will, obeying God’s Will, is following the Laws of Life. When we follow those Laws, when we act on the truth of our unity, act on the truth of the power of sharing, we reap what we sow from that.

Marc: Exactly.

Cielito: And it is so simple. Go ahead.

Marc: I think the two most fundamental Laws that are most at play here are the Law Karma, that what you set into motion has an effect. It’s not only a law on this planet, it’s an immutable Law throughout cosmos. It is far better understood by greater civilizations than ours. We’re still struggling with it because we don’t get it even though the indications, the symptoms of our misunderstanding of it, are smacking us in the face on a daily basis. We still seem to be struggling with it. Another Law that is absolutely essential is, and is reiterated in every single, spiritual tradition in human history and is known as the “Golden Rule.” It’s that very simple exhortation as to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Treat other people the way that you would like to be treated and it has huge ramifications in everything we do. Do we do that on earth? No. We don’t necessarily do that here. I think Maitreya, showing us in vivid 3-D, that adherence to these great Laws, this is essential and there is, in fact, no future or future growth without them. I think it breaks it down in this very simple adage that has been at the center of Share-International’s publications for many years: “Without sharing, there can be no justice. Without justice, there can be no peace. Without peace, there can be no future.” That’s the great encapsulation of what we’re talking about.

Cielito: There two directions I want to go here. Speaking of the Law of Karma, this is one direction I want to bring up. We often think of karma as what I do and what I get back but karma can apply in more collective ways as well. Would you like to speak on that?

Marc: Well, just as people develop personal karma for good or ill, so do nations. There’s national karma; there’s collective karma and it plays out in a wide variety of ways. When you have nations that behaving in a not very trustworthy manner and, I’m very sad to say, the nation we’re living in is one of those nations, eventually those causes come back to haunt us and that has happened to us over and over in our relationship with the world. You know, we talk about Iran as an enemy or we say that Iran is an enemy, well, all you have to do is to go back to 1953 and look at our involvement in the destabilization in the saving of Mr. Mustavay (sic) in Iran. I’ll let people do that research on their own to understand why the United States has an ongoing conflict with Iran and what you put into motion comes back to affect you and this goes on and on and on and I’m afraid that I’m rather concerned for this country when I look back over the history of the last sixty years. But that’s just one example of national karma that plays out in all nations.

Cielito: We’ve got a very dense web of interrelations and relationships that, in all likelihood, require a bit of cleaning up so we’ve got quite a few tasks ahead of us as humanity. I think the next question, and I’m thinking of the person listening to this, and their next question might be, “You know, my country is doing all these things around the world and I may or may not agree with; it doesn’t sound good. What can I do?”

Marc: Right. Well, you know, there is also a huge movement for justice in the world now especially among young people– political, economic, environmental and social justice– and the exceptional activist Naomi Klein points out in her recent book that changes everything about the environment and global warming, that many, many young people are not getting involved in the traditional organizations. They’re going down into “Blockadia” which is her term for protesting, getting down in the streets, demanding a more just solution to these problems, really getting involved and I believe that this is what it’s going to take. We really have to make it abundantly clear, “we” meaning humanity at large, that we do not want an unjust world; that we do not want a world where the status quo just keeps going on with “business as usual” and the same problems keep getting worse and worse and worse, especially in our time of global warming.

So, we, as a united humanity have to, collectively, demand and do everything we can to man this demand in this world. It seems evil to many but I remind them that a unified, human voice of many, many people, calling for justice, calling for change, will eventually reach a critical mass whereby no power in the world can withstand it and that is one of the reasons Maitreya is here. He will voice the aspirations of millions in a way that we have not seen before in a manner of unprecedented power and He will speak to and with us about these issues and nothing will be able to withstand the call to change and it’s already taking place. I would like to make a point based on His forecasts. Going back to the time as we spoke about before, no one ever thought that the monumental changes of the late Eighties and the Nineties would ever come about with Mandela, the fall of apartheid, the election of Bill Clinton, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the opening of more formal and cordial relations between east and west. No one ever thought that would happen. Things go along, they go along and, just when you think they’ll never change, BOOM! Change happens and it happens very quickly and very dramatically. It happened in the late Eighties and the early Nineties and I think and I hope we’re in such a time now. We havegone on, for quite some time now, when certain problems seem to be entrenched– -they get a little better then they get a little worse. But underneath all of this, there is momentum building and tension building, people will force the kind of change they need. I truly dobelieve this. You can almost feel it happening.

Cielito: And I know you’re extremely pragmatic and not prone to lofty ideas that have no grounding and certainly get a sense of hope just listening to you and knowing who you are and what you know so I really appreciate that insight. We will wrap up in our final segment following the break and talk about the forecast that has yet to unfold after the break. Share On The Air Radio. Find us on Facebook. Find us on Twitter. Send us an email at info@shareontheairradio.org


Cielito: We are now in our final segment of Share on the air radio with a very fascinating topic on the startling forecasts of Maitreya, the World Teacher and part of Maitreya’s emergence into full, public life with His group, the Masters of Wisdom and the purpose of this emergence is to bring the human kingdom closer to the spiritual kingdom and the spiritual kingdom to the human kingdom and we can only do that when we begin to rely on the knowledge of who we are as divine beings and we’re talking about many compelling ideas today centered on the Law of Cause and Effect, one of the major Laws of Life that it behooves us to follow. Marc, thanks for being on our show and we’re going to go to the final forecast of Maitreya that we want to share today. If people want to read about Maitreya’s forecasts—we’ve only touched on the some of the major ones- but there is a Law of Cause and Effect between the thought forms of humanity and how they affect the weather patterns; that is much of a connection right there that we need to address, especially, around environmental issues. You can find that information at Share-International.org. So, Marc, what is this forecast that is yet to unfold?

Marc: It is yet to unfold and it has already unfolded; it’s one of those things that has gone through a back and forth over a couple of decades. In 1988, Maitreya predicted a world-wide stock market crash beginning in Japan. At the time He predicted it, the Japanese economy was booming. Later, throughout the Nineties, as we know, the Japanese suffered a great deal.

Cielito: It was, actually, the dominant economy in the world, the Japanese economy

Marc: When He made the prediction and, as we know, throughout the Nineties, for a great portion of the Nineties, the Japanese economy was moribund and struggling. So, He’s just kept reading the times in respect to our unfortunate embrace of market capitalism. Now, He predicted a world-wide stock market crash and, indeed, it has happened. It started in Japan in various ways throughout the NIneties and into 2000’s and there was a major downfall in 2008 as we all know. The Dow Jones fell thirty-four percent that year and 6.9 trillion dollars in market wealth was lost. Most of that wealth is not real wealth because it’s not connected to anything but speculation, but that’s another matter. Since then, we have seen the stock market go back up but many financial experts believe it will crash again. It will because we don’t seem to be learning the lesson, and here again, it refers to the Law of Cause and Effect and what Maitreya is trying to do is to demonstrate to us how our actions work themselves out in the world. Inevitably, the stock market will crash again because it’s only based on zeros and ones; its currency speculation and commodity speculation and most of the wealth, and any economist will tell you, that that is not real wealth. Real wealth is tied to what’s real in the world– real “apples”, real commodities. It’s speculating upon their value and speculating on the value of various currencies which is the kind of transaction that takes up a lot of the stock market. It’s a “gambling casino,” Maitreya says. I’d like to read two direct quotes from Him, if I may, because He just lays it flat out. In January- February in Share-international Maitreya said, “Market forces are the forces of wickedness, confusion and chaos, it’s children competition in comparison. Market forces will bring this civilization as we have known it to the edge of disaster. “Well, if we look around the world, especially now with global warming and especially with a slightly improved but still a dire situation with respect to world poverty and the discrepancy of living standards between the poor and the very wealthy, then we see, in fact, that we are at the edge of disaster. We have terrorism; we have a very daunting challenge to face and resolve in respect to global warming and there you have it. He made that twenty-five years ago.

Cielito: And also in this country, for those of us paying attention, the economic situation of the middle class and, anything above that rather than below, that has not advanced. It’s gotten worse and I think that students understand that competition and greed has taken over our universities, forcing students into massive debts. They’re leaving universities with pretty slim prospects. I think it’s very clear to anyone paying attention that it’s a shell game, our economic system, a “gambling casino” as you quote Maitreya as saying and that is very depressing. That  dissatisfaction is expressing in our current presidential season here leading up to the elections. It’s very, very  evident.

Marc: I’m going to repeat something that Maitreya said in April, this time, of 1990, rather than January-February. He reiterated His main point. He said, “Market forces have created social and national havoc. People have been condemned to death literally in the name of profit and loss. The new creed of the superpowers has become ‘the autonomy’ which is the soul of commercialization. This represents a serious, new threat to the world.” We can see very clearly that all of those things have played out.

Cielito: And that was twenty-six years ago.

Marc: Exactly and you will find some of the great leaders of our time sounding those very notes recently, most especially, Pope Francis– so close to the words of Maitreya is what Pope Francis is saying today.

Cielito: or vice-versa.

Marc: Exactly and based on 2016 OXFAM report, a rather startling, not startling—stupefying is the word; this statistic comes from OXFAM, actually, sixty- two of the world’s wealthiest people have a collective net worth than the bottom half of the world’s population. Sixty-two people in our world have a collective net worth more than 3.5 billion people.

Cielito: That’s pretty ghastly. I mean, that’s filling up a double-decker bus.

Marc: Exactly. I mean, it’s just extraordinary that, precisely, this kind of discrepancy which Maitreya says is fraught with so much tension that it could easily lead to us destroying ourselves. Fortunately, He feels that we will not do that.

Cielito: Considering His record in forecasts, I’m just going to take His word for it because I need to! Otherwise, I’d be curled up in a ball and not getting out of bed!

Marc: That’s the good news. Maitreya has said, “The end is known from the beginning. My Forces of Light shall surely triumph.” When He says something like that, there is no doubt. Maitreya IS in the world, will appear very, very, very soon on a universal television. He is, right now, working, very interestingly, as a very highly placed and highly respected advisor on international political and economic affairs and, as I understand it, people who have had contact with Him, you know, they wondered who this man could be, so extraordinary is His wisdom so able is He to get right to the heart of various problems and elucidate a solution.

Cielito: He’s been appearing as an ordinary man on news programs. I think He’s been in a half dozen countries.

Marc: He’s made 160 appearances.

Cielito: As an ordinary person, not appearing like, “Hey, I’m Maitreya, the World Teacher.”

Marc: Well, it’s very interesting what He’s doing because our fundamentalist Christian friends would tell us, would warn us, “ Lo, there are many coming before Him saying they are the Christ but believe them not” and that is precisely what Maitreya is not doing. He’s not proclaiming, as yet, His true stature. On the Day of Declaration, He will proclaim His true status when He has been invited by the world’s media networks to speak. On that day, He will overshadow the entire humanity. We will see him on TV and we will hear His voice inwardly in our language and we will hear what He has to say about our present state of affairs, give a short disposition of where we come from, who we are and where we are to go, among other things and, at that moment, which is known as the Day of Declaration, we will know the Bodhisattva, the Great Teacher for the Age of Aquarius, has indeed returned and that it is this Man and only this Man.

Cielito: And on that note, I’m sure our audience has many more questions so you’re welcome to email us at info@shareontheairradio.org. Visit our Facebook page Share on the air radio North America. We’re here every Sunday, 1 PM. We talk about thought-provoking ideas on the emergence of Maitreya. Marc, thankyou, thank you so much.

Marc: Thank you, Cielito. I appreciate it Thank you.

Cielito: We’d love to have you back.

Marc: OK!

Cielito: Join us again. Next week, Diana Gold-Holland on the fires in Canada. Thank you so much for this!


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