An Introduction to the Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher & the Masters of Wisdom Part 1

Have you ever considered that we are living in a unique time? That something world-changing is about to happen and that it might concern you? If so, you are in the right place.

Keep listening and you’ll hear thought-provoking views behind the news that point to a new and better future for us all. Many people now sense that humanity is not alone. So consider this: if the Christ or the Buddha walked among us today as modern men, would we recognize Them? What would They be saying and, most importantly, would we listen?

Every Sunday on this program, Share International Radio will examine extraordinary events that are unfolding behind the headline news. This may be the message of hope you’ve been waiting for.

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Cielito: Welcome. Hello! I’m glad you are here. Welcome to the inaugural show of Share International Radio where we present thought-provoking views behind the news with the perspective that will take us from the implausible to the undeniable to a great possibility —-and that is a great possibility for all of humanity and something we are all a part of.

I’m really pleased to be on this inaugural show. My name is Cielito Pascual. I’m broadcasting from Seattle, WA. I co-host this program  with Diana Gold Holland. She is based in Vancouver, B.C. We’re on every Sunday, 1 PM Pacific, 4 PM Eastern time and you’ll get to hear Diana hosting our upcoming programs. So visit our website at That’s and you’ll find out about the upcoming shows featuring some really, really interesting guests.

And I would like to introduce the guest on our inaugural show. He is an amazing man and a dear friend of mine. I’d like to introduce DICK LARSON. He’s a counselor with a background in education, business and communication. And Mr. Larson has reached, I would imagine into at least a million people in  the work that he‘s done as a public speaker, lecturer, giving radio interviews, having his own radio show, and producing programming for public access television across the nation.

He is sharing a message that reflects his strong convictions that we are now in a very special time of world change, one that offers tremendous opportunities for personal growth and new hope for the future. My friend Dick’s familiarity with the spiritual side of life comes from his Christian background and he’s also a very committed student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. We’ll talk a little bit more about that. He’s also a student of the world’s great religions.
Welcome, Dick Larson, to our inaugural show!

DICK: Thank you, Cielito. It’s great to be here.

CIELITO: I’m so thrilled that you as the busy, busy person that you are, that you are taking  time with us and your knowledge is very in-depth. You are a great person to listen to and to open the door for so many people onto a very compelling body of information. Now,before we go there, I just want to acknowledge the work that’s come before us because we always want to do that.

Share International Radio didn’t just come out of nowhere. The team that created this podcast—we’re inspired by a publication called Share International magazine. This is a publication that has been around for over thirty years. It’s translated into seven languages, it is distributed worldwide and it’s been in continuous publication merely as a volunteer effort. And, essentially, the basis and context of Share-International’s message is about the very powerful principle of sharing–the spiritual principle of sharing.

And the chief editor is the author and futurist Benjamin Creme. C-R-E-M-E. He has been lecturing for over forty years, traveling around  the world presenting a very compelling message not just about the principle of sharing but presenting three very riveting ideas:

1) That we are never alone. Humanity is not alone.
2) We have help of an extraordinary kind and
3) The solutions of the world’s most intractable problems are within our grasp.

And those sound like three very simple ideas but the information behind them can be complex. So I invite you, Dick, to help me out here to make it easy to understand this body of information. We have to step through the door to know about the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

Can you start us off? What is the Ageless Wisdom? What is this body of teachings and where do they come from?

DICK: Sure. The Ageless Wisdom is an ancient, ancient philosophy. It’s important that your listeners know that it’s not a religion. We’re not talking about religion here. It’s a philosophy. It’s as old as humanity. Over eons and eons, over the ages, humanity has been given releases of information as humanity is ready to understand them. And and as you know, “when the student is ready, the teacher will come” kind of thing.

So this information has been released to humanity over the eons and there’s that old saying, “more shall be revealed.” Well, it’s true. It is constantly being revealed to humanity. Typically, it’s major information that is released about every two thousand years or so. And I’ll tell you why in a little bit. But two thousand years is a cycle with our planet and our solar system and for a very special reason that has to do with astrology—not astronomy—astrology. Every two thousand years we’re given a great teacher and that teacher brings the next information with Him.

The two most recent teachers with the Ageless Wisdom information: the first is Alice A. Bailey in case your listeners want to get something from Alice A. Bailey to read. She wrote in the 1930’s and 1940’s. She wrote about twenty books about the Ageless Wisdom information.

The most recent person you’ve already mentioned is Benjamin Crème. C-R-E-M-E. He lives in London, England and he has written about fourteen books. They are all available on I’m not here to sell books. They’re priced at cost basically anyway so most people are able to afford them. They’re not expensive books at all so if your listeners are interested, they might want to check out Benjamin Crème’s books. They are the latest revelation of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

CIELITO: So, did you mention every cycle of two thousand years we see a great teacher releasing information ? Who are some of the present teachers we’ve seen releasing information to humanity?

DICK: Sure. Well, the most recent two thousand years ago, was Jesus and right before Him, the Buddha. The Buddha taught the Wisdom of God. Jesus taught the Love of God, and my information is that the next Teacher, Who is due at anytime now, is going to release the teachings of God’s Will and the purpose behind that Will.

So, it’s Will, Love and Wisdom that are the latest revelations that humanity has received or is about to receive and then, before the Buddha, there are great teachers like Krishna, Confucius, Zoroaster, Mohammed—-all of these great beings who have released information over the eons have gone through human evolution ahead of us and they have become perfected men and women.

And in perfection, these men and women, thank goodness, they hung around Planet Earth to help those of us who are still here. And so these perfected men and women—they have lots of different names—wonderful names—the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Kingdom of Souls, the Lords of Compassion, the Custodians of the Ageless Wisdom. These are all perfected men and women Who have gone ahead of us like those that I mentioned include Joan of Arc, Mary, Mother of Jesus and so on.

CIELITO: And before we go, I’d love to talk more and understand what you mean by perfected. Before we go further I just want again to reiterate what you said at the opening: that our information is not just purely about religion. This is not a religious perspective although we are bringing a great tradition of spiritual insight. And the purpose of Share International Radio is to look at what’s happening in the world and understand the underlying currents of energy that are prompting what we’re seeing and [what is]unfolding.

A lot of what one is seeing is, frankly, very disturbing when we open up the newspapers and look at the headline news. It’s very troubling. And there are also trends that are incredibly heartening and very positive and there is an energetic reason behind that as well and I know you can dig deep and share some very interesting information about that, Dick.

DICK: Cielito, one of the reasons that religion comes up is because the Ageless Wisdom is so old and so truthful that its basic truths are said to underlie all the world’s major religions.

CIELITO: Yes. Oh, I always a picture the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as a great oak tree and the world’s religions are the tremendous branches branching out. Not just the world’s religions but indigenous traditions come out of this great oak tree of Ageless Wisdom Teachings. And it’s a perfect picture. I always look to nature for metaphors—of how to understand this kind of information.

For some of our listeners, they may hear elements [of this story] that they’re familiar with. For some of our listeners, it may be completely new and what our job is is to connect the dots between what’s happening in the inner world and the picture that comes forward is what we share and present for our listeners for their consideration only. I know you, Dick, personally are not a proselytizer and you are certainly not hammering a hammer when you are talking about this but suggesting an investigation only.

So, in our next segment, we’re going to a break and when we come back we’ll speak about these perfected Teachers stepping forward in the world today. Stay tuned.
CIELITO: Welcome back to Share International Radio—thought-provoking views about the news and we’re speaking to Dick Larson. Dick, you were just talking about giving us an introduction to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings and we want to explore more of what you were talking about regarding these perfected teachers. But, before we go there, I just want to kind of bookmark for our audience, not that it’s necessary because we all know what’s happening in the world, but I just want to say that there are things that are puzzling, disturbing, inspiring.

Let’s see . We’ll start with what’s disturbing. All the conflicts that are happening in the world—a  lot of violence between groups, a lot of injustice, deprivation and poverty that exists in the world, the tremendous gap between the wealthy and the rest of the world. And the amount of wealth that a minority of people on this planet control.

And then there are the positive things. Every few days, I am looking online and I am seeing pictures of hundreds of thousands of people turning out to protest issues that are affecting the planet and affecting life on this planet.

We’ve seen this in recent years, this increase of people standing up, gathering en masse over issues that can be as seemingly minor as an increase in the cost of public transportation all the way to the issue of austerity—all the way to global movements to consolidate power and affecting the way humans are interacting economically in the world. So there’s a lot happening.  And so what you’re proposing, Dick, if we understand the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, is there’s some way that we can make sense of in what’s happening on earth. So let’s start there.

DICK: Let’s, like I said, Ageless Wisdom is for people who have a religion and  are happy with  it as well as people who have no religion at all. It’s for everyone. And it’s very important that your listeners known that I am not trying to cram any information down their throats. We’re just here to present that information. It’s what I do. I go to different radio stations around the world and present this information like you said for the listener to consider and if ten or twenty per cent of it makes sense to them, great! I’m happy with that but I’m not trying to get people to think like I think or force anything down anyone’s throat.

Today there is a tremendous crisis going on just like you said, Cielito. There are a couple of reasons for that. One- We have a huge spiritual crisis going on on our planet right now. Primarily, we have forgotten who we are. We are not humans having a spiritual experience. We are spirits having a human experience. And we’ve forgotten that. We’ve forgotten that every aspect of our lives is spiritual. And one of the sad things that’s happened is religion has cornered the market on spirituality.

And, in fact, every aspect of life is spiritual. Our work is spiritual. Our play is spiritual. Money can be a wonderful spiritual tool. Money isn’t evil by itself and so on. Health, education—all that, those areas of life are spiritual. And we’ve forgotten that and so we’ve stopped evolving. And what we need to do is to continue to remember who we are and your listeners know who they are or they wouldn’t be listening and continue to evolve.

One of the causes of this tremendous tension that is the world right now is the fact that we’re moving into a new time. We’re moving into a new time and scientists have a name for this and they call it [the] procession of equinox. Our planet and our solar system moves through the heavens over time. We don’t sit still and we’re surrounded by twelve huge constellations which are full of energy and call them….

CIELITO: We move through the constellations. You’re talking about—the Piscean Age—into Pisces.

DICK: Perfect. You‘ve got it. Exactly. The last two thousand years we’ve been in alignment with Pisces and the great Teacher Jesus came two thousand years ago to  inaugurate the age of Pisces. And so, all of these constellations, by the way, are called the zodiac.

So two thousand years ago, we moved into Pisces. Well, the two primary energies of Pisces are individuality and dedication to an ideal. And it has worked. It has helped us evolve. Man has come out of the herd, dedicated to the ideal of freedom , to save the world. But now we’re moving out of Pisces.

In 1625 we started going out of the influence of Pisces and in 1675, the scientists  and astrologers will tell you that we’ve started moving into the influences of the next constellation which is Aquarius. And so now we‘re moving into the energies of Aquarius and they’re completely different. That’s a group energy with two primary energies of Aquarius being synthesis and cooperation. So what’s happening is we are being bombarded by the Piscean influence and the Aquarian influence and whenever that happens, when we’re in between the two, there is chaos.

And that’s exactly what we have on the planet right now—more Pisces individuals “Get me, get my own. I need to get my own.” That kind of thinking. And the Aquarian thinking, the new thought that’s being impressed on our planet by the constellation and by the Masters is the idea of cooperation with each other. Being together. That of “I’m going to succeed on this planet.” But  it’s not about me getting my own. It’s about making sure that you get yours.” That’s the difference.

We’re going from competition to cooperation. And that transition can be very uncomfortable. We have war. We have starvation on this planet and still we can’t seem to end that. We can’t seem to end stopping to kill the planet and so on. We can’t end wars so all this stuff is going on and we’re not making a lot of progress it looks like.

What’s going on behind the scenes is tremendous change; that there are people, Cielito, as you know, behind the scenes right now with a system that will work to feed everyone on the planet. But people aren’t ready to hear it yet. They’re not ready to work hard to implement it yet. So we need to go through some suffering. It’s called the “tough times” to move us to take action.

CIELITO: The negative is coming to the surface. We are seeing the worst of ourselves coming. We have to recognize the worst of ourselves first before we realize our divinity. And, you know, I want to go back to what you said. We’ve forgotten who we are. And in this period of time I personally feel incredibly blessed to be alive. I think it’s an extraordinary time to be alive. I know many people who say the same thing and, if you’re listening, in the upcoming shows, [we will] share more and more. We are undergoing a great transformation and need to know. Every person listening can be a part of that transformation in very simple ways.

I just want to identify, you know you were talking about Piscean energy and individuality. If I might personify that for people’s understanding, we’re seeing extreme groups. There are extreme religious groups. We have extremist scientists. We’re seeing extremes of position. You know, polarized positions of people on either end clinging to a way of evolving in the world which is fading from view. It’s becoming out-of-date. And we have young people coming into the world. They’re speaking loudly and I’m amazed at their creativity and their insight; the way that young people are realizing that we can’t rely on a single figure to make changes in the world. That it is indeed an effort of bringing people together.

DICK: They think inclusively.

CIELITO: Absolutely. And we’re seeing even economic extremes in what I would call the one percent vs the ninety-nine per cent.

DICK: Absolutely.

CIELITO: We’re going to see that. I think it is at its most extreme right now. And people are, when people are acting and moving and making noise in the streets. People are demanding that human dignity be acknowledged. And to take it a step further, it’s really a movement. We’re prompted by energies. When we—do you want to speak about that a little bit more? In the minute before our break, tell a little, talk a little bit more.

DICK: The negative has to rise to the surface so it can be recognized and cleaned out. I’ll give you another example, Cielito, and that’s the Catholic church; all of these problems with the priests and the people in the Catholic church that were abusing children.

When these problems become out I the open, it looks horrible. What are we going to do? But that’s exactly what has to happen to recognize it and to fix it and address it. And that’s what you are seeing. You’re seeing a lot of harmfulness on the planet coming up to the surface now and  we’re cognizing it. It’s started to stick out like a sore thumb. You know the one per cent vs the ninety-nine per cent? You don’t ignore that. There is no middle class anymore. It’s too big a problem to ignore anymore and you are going to see people addressing this; people who have solutions behind the scenes. Once humanity is ready to act on it, those solutions will come forward. And the best news, Cielito—we have help. There’s help here. It isn’t on its way. It’s here! And we can talk more about that after the break.

CIELITO: I want to thank OM TIMES for this wonderful platform that we can share our information on and thank the Share International team for bringing this together. If you have questions, we have a Facebook page. We are live right now and if you have questions, go to our Facebook page at Share International Radio and we’ll do our best to answer the questions. If we can’t get them today, we will get to them by our next show. We’re doing part 2 with Dick Larson next Sunday—1 PM Pacific, 4 pm Eastern and we will be talking more on these topics. Just to whet your appetite, we will be talking about UFOs and their spiritual mission—as well as the Laws of Life like the Law of Karma, the Law of Equilibrium and how understanding the Laws of Life can help us individually and help us globally to solve problems that we’re seeing in the world.

Hi, Dick. Welcome back……

DICK: Thank you, Cielito.

CIELITO: I’m having so much fun and feeling really energized by this conversation. I love how you bring information together so clearly. Let’s talk more about the Masters of Wisdom a.k.a. the Lords of Compassion. This is a group of people that have always been with humanity since the beginning of our evolution. Let’s talk about Them.
DICK: Yes. They’re living in the Himalayan mountains, the different mountains and deserts of the world where there is clean air and not a lot of noise. Now, they’re in bodies but Their bodies are temporary. They don’t need a body to get around. They are permanent consciousness. Perfect spirits. Members of the Kingdom of Heaven-whatever you want to call Them. And They are behind the scenes. They don’t come out openly very often at all. They work behind the scenes by inspiring humanity, by inspiring us. The great scientists of the world, the great musicians of the world, the great artists of the world have all been inspired by the Masters. Now they add their own talent to it, of course, and the Masters inspire them to use their creativity along certain lines like the rest of us. So what they’re doing—they’re serving humanity. These people, who are inspired kind of lead the way for humanity, have done so for eons and are part of the work of the Masters of Wisdom.

CIELITO: May I give an example of a modern day experience of an interaction between a Master of Wisdom and a great leader? That would be Martin Luther King, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. And to understand the energy that comes from a Master through him ( They use the term “disciple”-someone who is a disciple to the work of service.)–listen to Rev. King’s speech “I Have A Dream.” You are receiving energies that are being transformed from one of the Masters through Martin Luther King out to the audience. You can experience those. Obviously, you can hear them in the recordings and experience those energies. That’s one example.

DICK: You know, Cielito, if you ever have a chance to see that speech again, I think it’s on YouTube. If you ever have a chance to see that and your listeners watch Martin Luther King, he reads, he refers to his notes for about the first three minutes and, after that, he’s just taken over. And he doesn’t look at his notes again. He just gives this glorious, uplifting speech. The reason that speech is so famous and has lasted so long is because it got Martin Luther King’s energy behind it. He was divinely inspired to give that speech. It’s a marvelous thing to watch him leave his notes behind and go into this speech. Oh, man! You’re right! It gives me goosebumps!

CIELITO: And, in turn, he inspired thousands of people in their own communities and really changed the course of the evolution of the country in the United States.

DICK: So, these Masters are working all the time. They don’t rest. They don’t sleep. They don’t eat. None of that stuff. They’re just working all the time, sending energies to us and to the planet all the time. It could be all different kinds of energies, the energies of healing, the energies of cooperation, the energies of synthesis. Could be the energies- sometimes They withdraw energy to create peace like in the Middle East. A lot of times, the Masters will withdraw energies in the Middle East to calm it down. So They know how to work the energies of our planet and of our solar system. They know this high, high science which we don’t know yet. It’s all science.

CIELITO: Let me ask you, Dick. How did They get to be Masters?

DICK: They evolved ahead of us using a couple of the Laws that I’ve mentioned earlier: the Law of Rebirth where souls are eternal but it keeps taking new bodies, human bodies in the womb, and it always remembers where it left off last time and it picks up right where it left off and eventually, we have learned all the lessons that the school of planet Earth has to teach us. And once we’ve learned all those lessons, we don’t need to come back in a body anymore. So we become a permanent spirit, a permanent consciousness as demonstrated by Jesus at His death, His resurrection. He showed where we’re going to go.

We’re all going to learn all the lessons of the planet and we’re going to rise and not need the body anymore. And that’s where the Masters come from. Once you become a Master, then there are paths you take . You can stay with planet Earth or go and help other people in other places. All of cosmos is life.

Well, we’re so grateful. There are sixty-three of these Masters that help humanity on planet Earth. The leader of this Group is called Maitreya. He’d like to just be called a  teacher but He’s also the World Teacher. His personal name is Maitreya. Maitreya means “the Happy One”, “One Who Brings Joy.” He’s the Head of the Masters and He helps Them coordinate Their efforts. And the Masters are responsible for certain areas of life. One is responsible for the arts. One is responsible for science. One is responsible for healthcare. That‘s the way the Masters work. They split the work. It’s called a Hierarchy because They’re all at different levels and all have a different part in God’s Plan They’re responsible for.

Well, the good news is it’s been two thousand years since a Master walked among us. It’s time for another one of the Hierarchy of the Masters. Maitreya, the World teacher, is coming Himself. And He is here now in a physical body that He made that indestructible. He doesn’t need to eat or sleep or be killed and He is waiting for the right time to come forward because if His timing isn’t really good, He won’t have the attention of most people. So, He needs to time it when He has the attention of most of the people on the planet. That’s a lot of people- six and a half billion.

So He’s waiting for the right time to come forward on television, radio, hooked up by satellite. That’s what the satellites are there for. They’re there for this great event, not for the world cup soccer. And then He will come forward on what He calls His Day of Declaration.

Now I’m told His Day of Declaration is no more than two years away. So we’re not talking a million years from now. And we’re certainly not talking about the end of the world. The end of the world is millions of years off. It’s a whole different event. This is a Teacher coming forward to walk among us.

Cielito, as you know, He doesn’t come alone. There are fourteen Masters on the planet right now. Fourteen including Him on the planet now and before the Age of Aquarius is over in two thousand years, there will be forty more Masters walking among us, helping in each aspect of life, helping us get back on track.

We have lost our way. We’ve fallen off the path and He comes to point that out to us and make some suggestions. He will not tell us what to do. They know that free will is sacred. They will not ever, ever tell us what to do. They’ll just make suggestions. We can choose. We can follow those suggestions or not.

CIELITO: And that’s the important point to make. That this is about our choice—for humanity to choose what direction we want to go in. And there are two directions. We can continue in the modes of living that we are living under now under the present economic system. We can continue that and destroy eventually all possibility of life on this planet or we can choose another way. And that way is the way of sharing, of sharing the world’s resources and of recognizing the divinity and the dignity of every human being and creating our economic system, political system, educational system to recognize the dignity of every human being.

DICK: That’s what is happening now with the Piscean and the Aquarian energies. All the Piscean energies are being withdrawn. That’s what we built our healthcare system with, the political system, financial system, educational system with. It’s all collapsing and no matter what we do, we can’t fix it. It’s collapsing because the energy that built it is being withdrawn. It doesn’t do anything but collapse.

So now we need to rebuild those with help and the guidance of the Master. Rebuild all those institutions with the energies of cooperation and working together and when we do that, we’ll serve humanity for the next two thousand years. And that’s why we’re here on the planet now. If you’re listening and you’re wondering why you are here, this is it. I’m not kidding! You are here to help to rebuild the planet and to rebuild humanity. It is no small task but it is exciting!

CIELITO: Yes! No one is old or too young, too big or too small to participate in the transformation of the planet. It will take all of us. Before the break, I’d like to share how I personify Maitreya. You know you gave us a lot of information. I’d like to call Him the Eldest Brother of Humanity because, literally, according to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, He is indeed our eldest brother. He was the first in human evolution to master life on this planet as you described; to have experienced everything possible in life experiences.

Maitreya has returned to be with us. He never left guiding humanity from that moment He became a Master. And so, we are very fortunate to have the presence of our Wise Guides and there’s every reason to look forward to the future and he very near future. We’ll talk more.

CIELITO: We’re back.
So, Dick, we are in our last ten minutes of this program and I am listening [to those ads for] other wonderful shows of OM TIMES RADIO. I think about how much we, as humanity, want to hear information and we think: what does this mean to me? How can I use this?

We’re very practically oriented. We want to know what we can do . That’s always the question and there’s so much that we can do, so many ways that we can implement what we’ve learned in this brief amount of time into our day to day lives; to have some insight and to move through the world with a little more ease. What are some things that we can suggest of some kind of understanding that we can share for our listeners?

DICK: Sure. The Ageless Wisdom, just to start with something quite basic,the Ageless Wisdom says that when we come into incarnation-when we are born here on planet Earth, we’re born with certain purposes in our lives. Everyone pretty much has a few purposes that, as individuals, have purposes that relate to other people on the plant. But in a general sense, it says that one of our purposes is always  to serve others. To get  into some kind of service is as easy as making a donation to feed children or whatever. I don’t know but what you need to do is find something you like. There’s a world of need out there. Just find something you like and then help them out in whatever way you can. We’re here to serve—picking up a piece of paper in the street. That’s service because you’re helping keep the planet clean.

Another thing, the Ageless Wisdom says, is we are here to establish right relationships that are harmless. Forget about love. Just think of nobody on this planet harming anybody else. That’s harmlessness. It would be a different world.

CIELITO: Oh, that would be good. We could transform the world tomorrow!

DICK: Absolutely. That’s just harmlessness. So one of the things we can do is try to harm people less, becoming more and more harmless and establish that right relationship with people. Very, very important! By the way, that’s the next step forward for humanity according to the Ageless Wisdom and the Masters. And the next step forward for humanity is to get into right relationships with each other as part of groups. And a third thing you can always do is learn to grow. You are here to learn to grow. We learn  and then we forget. We don’t act on it. Learn and grow.

CIELITO: But I want to give a preview, for the next show, along the lines of right relationships and harmlessness. I’m going to throw out a big idea right now and it’s the idea that as a humanity, it is imperative that we end all war. And, in our next show, we’re going to talk about UFOs and their spiritual mission. And we’re going to talk about why it’s necessary because by ending all war on this planet, we will be provided an extraordinary gift. So that’s my teaser for our next show next Sunday, October 18th  at 1 PM Pacific and 4 PM Eastern on Sunday.

DICK: I can’t wait to talk about it. To go on with other things, what can we do? Well, one of the things you can do, if you’ve heard this show and you think there might be a possibility that the World Teacher is on His way, come help us dig our way out of this mess we’re in that we’ve created, because we are here to do the work. They’re not going to wave a magic wand and make everything OK. It’s our mess karmically you know, the old Law of Cause and Effect. We have to clean it up because it’s ours to clean up. So one is you can create expectancy for Him to come and get other people to wonder if maybe there’s a Teacher Who will come by telling this to other people: “I heard this story on the radio. I’m, not sure about this but he says that we’re getting help; that some guy is going to come and talk to the whole world at once and  make suggestions as to how we can fix this planet. Wouldn’t that be great?” Tell them at that level.

CIELITO: Share the link to the show.

DICK: Yes because the more people expecting Him to come, the sooner He can come. That’s the way the Laws–God’s Laws–work.

CIELITO: Yes. There’s a generative energy in expectation and also I wanted to add—as far as things we can do. This is my personal opinion. We don’t have a lot of time and there’s a lot of work to be done and for wherever we are, we can step up our level of service. I’m sure everyone listening—because they’re conscious, because they’re curious, because they’re looking for information to be some sort of powerful service in their communities. Think  about how I can take that to the next level. One of the most powerful things to learn is about self-governance meaning–How do I work with my neighbors? How can I work in my community to bring up conditions that will bring positive changes?

That’s kind of an advanced suggestion but I think people listening, who have got that on their minds but are maybe a little timid, so let’s give them permission. Give ourselves permission to be out there in the world. That’s where we can practice harmlessness, where we can practice sharing, where we can practice listening to others and take these ideas, implementing and creating a world that dignifies all life, not just human life but all life on this planet. So I want to put a plug in for community service and even community leadership.

DICK: Absolutely. And march in the streets! Do things with other people. Bombard whoever you want with emails. March in the streets! Protest! Do it on Twitter, on Facebook! Get the word out that we want change, we want change! It’s time for people to run the world, not the leaders. Aquarian energies don’t support individual leaders. It supports the people. It’s our turn!

When you have an effect— look at these people in Egypt. They marched in the streets and threw out the government just by marching in the streets in a few days. That’s the power– the group power of Aquarius. It’s real! One of the things I’d like to do, Cielito, is to tell three ways they can recognize the World Teacher.

CIELITO: Oh! Excellent!

DICK: Would that be OK? There are three ways that you’ll know whether we’re talking through our hats or this is the truth. That is when the World Teacher comes forward, you’ll hear about a big, world-wide press conference. My suggestion is : Tune in no matter what time of the day it is!

Here are the three ways you’ll know it’s the World Teacher talking. The first way you’ll know is you’ll see His face on TV. His lips won’t move. You’ll just hear His words in your head in whatever your native tongue is. Everyone in the world will. You’re looking at your friend and going, “This is strange. He’s not talking but I’m hearing Him.” It will be one of those strange kinds of experiences. You will hear Him telepathically in your head. That’s the first way you’ll know that’s Him.

The second way you’ll know it’s Him is that while He’s speaking for 30, 45, 55 minutes, nobody knows how long, you will feel the love of God in your heart like you have never felt it before. He said it will be so powerful, it will be “as if I physically embrace you.” He can give us the Love of God. If you’re afraid of the anti-Christ—the anti-Christ can’t do that! So the second way you’ll know it’s Him is you’ll feel the Love of God in your heart like you never felt it before.

The third way you’ll know it’s Him is that when He’s done speaking, there will be press reports from all over the world, that while the World Teacher was talking and addressing humanity, hundreds of thousands of people were miraculously healed during that time He was speaking.

And, in those three ways, you will know that this is the World Teacher and we can  either follow His suggestions or not. Everyone has to make up their own mind about Him. Nobody can be forced on anything. That’s one of the things I love about the Masters: They don’t force us to do anything.

CIELITO: And I just wanted to say that many of us may have already met Maitreya or one of the Masters. They  often appear as ordinary people often. They appear as a homeless person—a homeless man or woman. Sometimes they appear as a student, share a message that is personally meant for the listener and often times, they vanish, seemingly vanish in the next moment. We have heard story upon story about a Master–someone having very deep, very profound experiences with a friendly, warm stranger lasting all of thirty seconds or minutes or a few minutes.

DICK: And  they don’t even have to speak to you. Just look in your history. There’s three ways people commonly know they’ve had an experience with a Master. One: there’s something in the eyes that’s really, really special, really touched you deeply. Two: They feel Their love. They’re so happy, so joyful. There’s no reason why they should be so happy. They’re just really, really happy. They feel like their feet aren’t touching the ground as they walk along. That kind of feeling.

The third way you know it’s a Master is if it’s an ordinary experience like a homeless guy sitting on a park bench and you walk on and you can’t get this guy out of your mind. Three months later, He’s still popping into your mind. That was a Master.

CIELITO: Yes, and if you think you’ve had an experience like this, then you’re welcome to share that and email it to us at We would love to hear your stories and will be sharing them on the upcoming shows. And with that, Dick Larson, thank you so much! We’re just getting started here. There is so much to uncover. We have so much to talk about regarding UFOs and the Space Brothers who are doing a remarkable job of service for our environment here on our sacred planet Earth. Please do tune in next Sunday at 1PM Pacific and 4PM Eastern. We so appreciate your joining us. We’d love to hear from you on Facebook at Share International Radio– Thought provoking views behind the news. We’ll have more from Dick Larson next week. Thank you so much!

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