The answer to economic inequality isn’t more money. Ending hunger doesn’t require more food. The solution to global warming isn’t yet another world conference. Everyone is talking about sharing, cooperation, and unity. So why isn’t it happening?
SHARE ON THE AIR RADIO NORTH AMERICA contends that a critical hour has come and we are not alone. We have help of an extraordinary kind. In fact, the solutions to the world’s gravest problems lie within our grasp, says the World Teacher, Maitreya. He is emerging now into full public view along with his group, the Masters of Wisdom.
In response to our global crisis, this incorruptible group of advanced spiritual teachers are here now to show us how to reverse the damage we have done to our Earth and its people, help us change the course of our future and choose the path of Sharing, the only way that will bring a saner, safer future for all.
Every Sunday, hosts Cielito Pascual and Diana Gold Holland examine this, the biggest story of all time with various guests.
Listen now for thought-provoking views behind the news that you’ll hear nowhere else — and investigate for yourself.

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